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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Will the sun tunnel help with the winter 'blahs'?

Winter time means that lots of us get stuck indoors at home and work. Studies show that natural, full-spectrum sunlight greatly contributes to increased productivity in the workplace and to an overall feeling of well-being. Sunlight deprivation can lead to a condition that experts call "Seasonal Affective Disorder," also known as S.A.D. or the winter blahs. By bringing the sun into your house, or home office, a sun tunnel can help you beat the winter blahs.

How much light will a sun tunnel transmit?

A precise answer depends on many factors including the roof orientation (i.e. South is always best), tunnel length, tunnel angles, time of day, season of the year, etc. However, generally the 14-inch diameter is best for lighting up bathrooms, halls, walk-in closets and areas up to 10' x 10'. The 22-inch diameter sun tunnels is perfect for lighting any type of room up to 15' x 15'.

What are the advantages of the flexible tunnel?

The flexible sun tunnels  is the simplest and fastest way to install tubular devices available. It easily bends around attic obstructions like pipes and wires making alignment between the roof and ceiling simple.

What is your warranty on sun tunnels?

Our sun tunnels come with a ten year warranty.

Do Sun Tunnels domes break as easily as standard skylights from hail?

Sun Tunnels standard domes are much more hail-resistant than standard skylights because of the rounded dome. But should the hail be large enough to break the dome, replacement domes are available. Velux also offers an Impact Dome which holds up in more severe conditions.

Will the sun tunnel fit all roof types?

sun tunnels are designed for most all roof types including cedar, composition, and metal with pitches from 15 to 60.Special order sun tunnels are available for specific roof types and commercial applications.

In what sizes are VELUX sun tunnels available?

sun tunnelss are available in two main flexible models.
* 14-inch diameter fits between 16" on center framing
* 22-inch diameter fits between 24" on center framing

How long does it take to install a Sun Tunnel?

Installation time varies depending on the degree of difficulty, but a typical installation only takes about one hour by a Hartman professional installer.

What are the benefits of Sun-Tunnels over standard skylights?

* Sun Tunnels can be installed at a fraction of the price.
* Sun Tunnels don't let in the heat or cold from the outside.
* Sun Tunnels are more cosmetically appealing.
* Sun Tunnels are more impact resistant from hail.
* Sun Tunnels can be installed in virtually any room in your home.
* Sun Tunnels can be installed in about one hour.
* Sun Tunnels do not leak water or air.

How much does a fully installed Sun Tunnel cost?

Pricing on Sun Tunnels varies from $500 to $800 depending on the roof type and degree of difficulty. A Harman representative will provide you with a free detailed estimate.